Project Spotlight – Snowmass-Wildcat Fire Protection District

After designing Mountain Rescue Aspen’s new facility, our team has been commissioned by the Snowmass-Wildcat Protection District to design a much-needed new station in Snowmass, Colorado. Working with the team at Snowmass Fire has been nothing short of impressive. The dedicated crew and design team have worked synergistically to design a building that respects the taxpayer dollar, is built to stand the test of time, and allow future growth.

This week, the 46-year old fire house was deconstructed on Owl Creek Road in Snowmass Village, Colorado. The original structure, built in 1971 and designed by famed local architect and former 10th Mountain Division soldier, Fritz Benedict. Last November, district voters approved a $17 million bond to fund the new station, which will span approximately 26,000 sf and be constructed of stone, timber and wood siding. We are humbled and proud to the Architect selected to design the new facility and look forward to sharing it with you.

Snowmass-Wildcat Fire Protection District

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Project Spotlight: Aspen Police Department

Amongst state-wide competition, we were fortunate enough to be selected to design Aspen’s new Police Department.  Situated on a high-profile site on Main Street, the design responds to the irregular site and height variation by arranging the facility’s parking structure to daylight the north while designing the building and adjunct green space to maximize daylight and invigorate the connecting pedestrian trail. Light pours in through the clerestory spine running throughout the building’s expanse. Brick, stone and metal adorn the façade in a distinctive fashion, while deep overhangs hark to the historic mid-century modern architecture in the Aspen tradition.

The project has officially broken ground, and we look forward to seeing the hard working Police personnel in their first-ever home in Spring, 2018. Looking towards Aspen’s future, the Aspen Police included children in their groundbreaking ceremony, to honor their fundraising efforts. We are very proud to give the Aspen Police Department – Protecting the Wild West since 1880 – their first ever, official building in Aspen!

Groundbreaking Ceremony. Photo by Aspen Police Department

Groundbreaking Ceremony. Photo by Aspen Police Department


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The New Telluride Stage has its Debut

We can’t tell you how proud we are, to have had the opportunity to work with the Town of Telluride, the festival planners, the community and a tight knit group of consultants to deliver an outstanding new performance venue in the coveted Town Park. A tight schedule was met, the sound checks are complete and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival is underway! Thanks to all that worked so hard to complete this very rewarding project!


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Going for LEED!

We have two exciting projects in the pipeline that are on their way to LEED For Homes certification. Its taken forward-thinking Owners, a dedicated & integrated team and diligence throughout the design and building process to ensure the mission is carried out. 

Aiming for a LEED certification, it positioned our team to take a very thorough look into different areas of sustainable design in the earliest parts of project commitments, and also to maintain that commitment throughout the design and building process.


If you are not familiar with LEED For Homes, we encourage you to learn more!

LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Homes is a national residential green building program developed through a consensus process by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

We look forward to sharing these very rewarding and worthwhile projects with you soon!

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Spring Project Tours

Its always inspiring to see our projects complete. We had the fortunate opportunity to take our team through a recently completed home in Aspen. Seeing the finer details up close, feeling the volume of the spaces, learning about the sustainable attributes and building systems, etc. was truly awe-inspiring. We are so fortunate to work with the clients we do, and have the opportunity to design the most exquisite structures that we, as designers, dream about.

Office Pic

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Architect

Recently, Mountain Living Magazine sat down with Charles to discuss what clients can do, to be sure they choose the right architect. With so many firms to select from, so many variables like size, whether they’re new or established, varying design principles and sizes – how do you select the right one for your personal project?

Charles touched on:

  • Value: what type of value does that firm bring to your project?
  • The details: why reading the fine print is important.
  • Who will actually be designing your project?

To read the article, visit Mountain Living Magazine, and let us know how we can help with any of your upcoming projects. We have some wonderful designs in the works, and would love to work with you – no matter the size or location. We hope to hear from you.

Ridge Road Home

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Fourteen Sixty

We are in the final stages of an incredible new project in Aspen, that we cannot wait to show you. Until then a little sneak peek…


Anchoring the home it its site, a sandstone wall parallels the Rio Grande River and beautifully intersects the entire length of the home. No maintenance materials and glass form the exterior, allowing the sights and sound of the river to be experienced from every room. The bold forms, floating staircase, sculpture gardens, clerestory windows and 900 sq ft outdoor living spaces, make this home enjoyable during all four seasons in Aspen. We look forward to sharing this project with you this summer.

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Get to Know: Telluride Board of Realtors

Get to Know: Telluride Board of Realtors

Source: ponsulak

As local architects, we work with a range of professional organizations through the process of designing commercial and residential buildings. The nonprofits we associate with play an important role in our community, and we would like to shine the spotlight on some of these special organizations. Today, we would like introduce you to the Telluride Board of Realtors.

There is probably no industry that benefits from networking the way that Realtors do. The Telluride Board of Realtors is a hub for Realtors, sellers and homebuyers in the area. In addition to providing information, legal advice, and training seminars to keep the area’s Realtors up to date on current trends, policies and procedures, they’re also committed to developing the standards and ethics that move the industry forward.

This organization is active year-round. Currently, their members can attend workshops aimed at a variety of topics, from learning about special financing opportunities for green and energy efficient properties, to webinars and classes regarding new real estate forms. In addition to serving local Realtors, homebuyers and sellers, the Telluride Board of Realtors is dedicated to giving back to the community.

Charles Cunniffe Architects is pleased to have a professional relationship with this esteemed group.

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In Case You Missed It…

A new building material we are using, Marina Skiles and Marc Winkler join the team, new awards received and of course an on-the-boards project sneak peak. In case you missed it, this summer’s In the News e-newsletter. Read the online newsletter here.Charles Cunniffe Architects

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Proud to be the Architects for Mountain Rescue’s New Headquarters!

This morning, Mountain Rescue broke ground on its new headquarters on Highway 82 in Aspen. We are so proud to be the architects for such a worthwhile community asset.

“This is long overdue,” said Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, who gripped a gold-plated shovel and took part in the ground-breaking. As sheriff, DiSalvo officially is the head of the search-and-rescue group.

A 13,900-square-foot building on the new headquarters property — formerly the Aspen location for Planted Earth Home and Garden Center — will allow the 50-member volunteer organization to move out of a cramped cabin on Main Street. The project is expected to be finished next spring.

For more…see today’s Aspen Times article.

Aspen Times

Aspen Times

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