Fullerton Residence Featured in LUXE Magazine

One of our most favorite projects, the Fullerton Residence in Aspen, Colorado is featured in this issue of LUXE Magazine. The home is situated on the picturesque banks of Aspen’s Rio Grande River,  a half-acre site that Richard and Elizabeth Fullerton were attracted to for the beautiful views and potential for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. However, the almost-perfect location was missing one very important thing- a beautiful house.

The existing structure was a Postmodern-style house that didn’t fit the environment or the Fullertons’ vision for their home. “We wanted a warm, contemporary, four-season-friendly house with an open feeling for family life and entertaining, as well as a separation of space between the master bedroom and kids’ areas,” explains Richard. “And we wanted it to blend in with the surroundings.”

Read on to find out how Charles Cunniffe Architects was able to help make the Fullertons’ dream home a reality in this excerpt from LUXE.

Correcting structural deficiencies and allowing for Cunniffe’s aesthetic plan to unfold proved most challenging, as the entire structure needed to be framed in steel in order to support the home’s large windows and high ceilings. Inside, the space reveals dramatically. Generous in square footage, the main level is loft-like, with arched and angled tongue-and-groove maple ceilings rising above spacious kitchen, dining and living areas that, in turn, open to the river via a custom sliding door system by Point Five.

Throughout, an acid-etched concrete floor handles everything from puddles of water tracked in from the river by the kids to the antics of the family’s golden retriever. Two elements anchor the space: The first is a pair of custom-poured concrete counter-islands by Concrete Revolution in what Richard describes as Elizabeth’s “dream kitchen”; the second, a massive brick fireplace—the only evidence of the original house that remains—newly faced with a curved, patinated steel surround. Steel detailing also surfaces on an arch inside the entry door and the stairway rail. A cantilevered stairway with bamboo-clad steps connects the main level with the upstairs kids’ domain, which features a pair of generously sized bedrooms. A guest master, which includes a full bath accessed via a sliding barn-style door, sits at the front of the house, atop the garage.

To see more photos of this project, visit the Fullerton Residence gallery.

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Looking Forward to the Aspen Ideas Festival

Although summer seems far away, we are already excited about the upcoming Aspen Ideas Festival! Our Principal, Charles Cunniffe, attends each year, reflecting our firm’s commitment to innovation and creativity.

If you’re not familiar with the event, the Aspen Ideas Festival is an annual gathering of thinkers and leaders from all over the US and the world, presented by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic. Writers, artists, business people, teachers, and leaders in a variety of fields come together each year for inspiring and thought-provoking lectures, discussions, and classes.

According to the Aspen Ideas Festival website, the goal of the event is to “convene a large and global public and foster a “commons” for the 21st century, a gathering for diverse, intellectually curious people to learn, listen, debate, and question what we can do to make our world – and our children’s world – a better place.”

The thought leaders of such diverse fields as science, art, economics, religion, politics and philosophy will convene in Aspen from June 23 to July 3 of this year, so visit the Aspen Ideas Festival website and find out how you can participate in this exciting event.

photo via AIF

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Green Design Predictions for 2011

Innovation is one of the values we prize most highly at Charles Cunniffe Architects, so we were excited to see Michelle Kaufmann’s predictions for the future of green design in 2011. Innovation is defined as both “a new idea, method, or device”, and “the introduction of something new.”

According to Kaufmann’s predictions for the coming year, green design and building practices will indeed be “introducing something new” into the mainstream, making environmentally-conscious living more accessible to more people.

Here are a few of the things we have to look forward to in green design for 2011. Check out MichelleKaufmann.com to read more.

  • Big builders go green, finally seeing the value of energy efficient and water-conserving design
  • Cradle to cradle goes mainstream, with the C2Cinstitute launching in California
  • Greenwashing sees a backlash. Companies who exaggerate claims of “greenness” are facing legal action, which may result in those companies changing their practices to reflect their green marketing.
  • Prefab and modular construction, especially in urban areas, will solve logistical hurdles and allow the use of small, substandard urban lots.

photo via Flickr (CC)

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2011’s Top 10 Design Trends

Charles Cunniffe Architects

Here at Charles Cunniffe Architects, we always strive to create innovative, thoughtful, and unique buildings, and are constantly on the lookout for ways to accomplish this goal. There are some great design trends on the horizon, influencing everything from materials to aesthetics. Here are some of the top 10 residential resign trends for 2011, as seen on Residential Architect.

Honest Architecture-People are simplifying their lives, returning to basics, and embracing clean lines and back-to-basics architecture. Natural materials and pure, geometrical forms keep this simplified aesthetic elegant and chic.

Sensible Scale– The average home size is shrinking, with more homeowners requesting homes in the 2,400 to 2,800-square-foot range. This year signals a return to practical home design, rather than ego-satisfying displays of excess.

Healthy Homes– Many health and environment-conscious consumers have switched to organic foods, and that trend is extending into home design as well. Low-VOC building materials, natural products like bamboo, aspen, wheat, and eucalyptus, water filtration in appliances, and HVAC systems for improved air quality are all in high demand for 2011. The local foods movement will also affect kitchen design, as freezer space shrinks and refrigeration space expands to accommodate fresh, local foods.

Suburban Goes Urban– Community planners are starting to connect sprawling suburbs with areas of “light urbanism.” These suburban town centers are often the result of redeveloping failed shopping centers, strip malls, and empty big box retail spaces. The new, walkable spaces allow suburban residents a bit of the urban lifestyle, while maintaining the comfort and convenience of suburban life.

Going Green– Green building continues to grow, with features like drought-tolerant landscaping, passive solar design, rainwater catchment and the like becoming more and more common.

To read about the other top trends for 2011, check out 10 Residential Design Trends for 2011. If you’re in need of innovative architectural design, give us a call at 1-866-925-5590.

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Residence At Crystal Lake Kitchen

One of our most favorite and recognized projects, the Residence at Crystal Lake’s kitchen is a culmination of contemporary and warm mountain architecture. Fostering a dialogue between the exterior and interior of the home, dry-stacked sandstone columns are seen throughout the space, contrasting the Douglas Fir and structural steel beams. Custom designed Alder wood cabinets with sleek stainless pulls form the kitchen. Beveled glass, subtly details the cabinet doors to bring an element of design to a commonly overlooked element. In addition to recessed and pendant lighting, custom spot lighting was integrated into the cabinetry trim. The Alder wood trim encompassing the spot lighting extends around the mosaic tiled wall to contrast the stainless reveal. This application of light creates pinpoint light to emphasize the architectural elements of the space. By working closely with the Owners and their Chef, the team created this space which is truly the ‘heart of the home’. To see more: http://www.cunniffe.com/store/pprev_details95.php.

Residence at Crystal Lake Kitchen

Residence at Crystal Lake Kitchen

Residence at Crystal Lake Kitchen

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Compound On The Ridge

Designed with great family and friends in mind, the Compound on the Ridge Master Plan encompasses two 10,000 square foot residences, a pool & exercise pavilion, pool, and a variety of outdoor spaces. Meandering paths, multiple play yards and nooks, outdoor kitchens and dining areas, creates a tranquil retreat with expansive views of the surrounding mountains in Aspen. To learn more: http://www.cunniffe.com/store/pprev_details217.php.

Compound on the Ridge

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Theatre Aspen

We have been fortunate to work with the talented people at Theatre Aspen to design a new facility for this all-too important community asset. After countless years utilizing a very old tent, this amazing group put together a fundraising campaign to create a new home for the theatre company. To learn more please visit http://www.theatreaspen.org/IHEARTTA_Campaign2010.html.

Theatre Aspen

Theatre Aspen

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Ranch at Castle Creek

Located in a majestic setting with beaver ponds, lush Evergreens and Aspens, this ranch expands over 100 acres. Siting played a tremendous part in the design, with a meandering river just below. A courtyard approach was taken to provide the main living spaces, the master suite and guest suites, river views via connected outdoor living areas.  Due to be completed in 2011, this project also includes a horse barn and caretaker house.

Ranch at Castle Creek

Ranch at Castle Creek

Ranch at Castle Creek

Ranch at Castle Creek

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