CCA Summer Picnic

As always, we like to close up summer with a fun family picnic in Heron Park. Lawn games, ice cold beverages, great food, family and friends make for a wonderful afternoon. Our team works so hard all year long, and getting out of the office to enjoy these last days of summer is a must. Thanks to everyone for a great afternoon!


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How the Site Affects Your Home’s Design

The best designed homes take advantage of their natural surroundings instead of trying to impose on the space. Here are a few ideas on what to do to help you get the most out of your site:

Use Local or Regional Materials – Using the stone from the surrounding countryside as a construction material is an excellent way to integrate the structure into the site. Utilizing wood natural colors will complete the feeling of “oneness with your site.”

Connect the Inside with the Out – Adding porches, patios and decks with easy access from the inside creates a unique entertainment space that takes advantage of the natural décor and scenery.

Take Advantage of the View – Capturing different vistas from each room will create different atmospheres, especially as the outdoors go through the seasons.


For more information on how the site affects the project and other architectural topics, please contact us at Charles Cunniffe Architects. You’ll find us online or you can reach us directly at 888-457-6919.

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Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2014

Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2014

USB ports are starting to creep into more homes in 2014. Source: houzz

Many of the 2014 remodeling trends that will gain popularity this year are based in technology. The future is here and our homes serve some of the best examples of modern innovation possible in renovation. Utilizing the most advanced tech available while still maintaining a comfortable and luxurious feel in your house is a wise goal.

A serious staple of any new space is the USB outlet. Mimicking the traditional wall plug, these devices offer two USB inputs to directly charge your smartphone, gaming devices, and other gadgets. Showing up more and more, this modern interface is a powerful selection.

Luxurious bathrooms are another hot trend. With the affordability of high-end spa equipment, many homeowners are choosing to outfit their personal bathrooms as nicely as a salon. These amenities and fixtures, once only available at busy commercial sites, are becoming more and more common.

Sustainable building materials are also rising in popularity. In an effort to go greener and greener, energy efficiency is now an assumption rather than an add-on. Frugal is the new sexy.

If you’re planning renovation or construction this year, be sure to contact Charles Cunniffe Architects for advice and insight regarding 2014 remodeling trends.

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Get to Know: Telluride Board of Realtors

Get to Know: Telluride Board of Realtors

Source: ponsulak

As local architects, we work with a range of professional organizations through the process of designing commercial and residential buildings. The nonprofits we associate with play an important role in our community, and we would like to shine the spotlight on some of these special organizations. Today, we would like introduce you to the Telluride Board of Realtors.

There is probably no industry that benefits from networking the way that Realtors do. The Telluride Board of Realtors is a hub for Realtors, sellers and homebuyers in the area. In addition to providing information, legal advice, and training seminars to keep the area’s Realtors up to date on current trends, policies and procedures, they’re also committed to developing the standards and ethics that move the industry forward.

This organization is active year-round. Currently, their members can attend workshops aimed at a variety of topics, from learning about special financing opportunities for green and energy efficient properties, to webinars and classes regarding new real estate forms. In addition to serving local Realtors, homebuyers and sellers, the Telluride Board of Realtors is dedicated to giving back to the community.

Charles Cunniffe Architects is pleased to have a professional relationship with this esteemed group.

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Get to Know: Aspen Art Museum

HVYvPn2VThere are a lot or reasons to live in the City of Aspen, which can be found nestled in the Elk Mountains. There is the distinctive mountain landscape and surrounding countryside, plus the fantastic sporting opportunities available in the area. Another benefit of the Aspen area, somewhat overlooked, is its cultural opportunities.

In particular, Aspen Art Museum offers exhibitions that focus on the cutting-edge with an international bent.

The museum offers a wide variety of exhibits and events to satisfy art lovers of every stripe.

For more information on this and other great reasons to live in the Aspen area, please contact us at Charles Cunniffe Architects. We are available online or you can reach us directly at 888-457-6919.

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