Fall’s Top Design Books

As temperatures drop, we find ourselves indoors more and more these days. What better way to pass the time and get inspired, than with one of fall’s newly released design books. Where to buy them you ask? We’ve got your source! Turn to Artbook.com for a full listing of great new releases.

From  “What If..?: The Architecture and Design of David Rockwell” to Cara McCarty’s “Making Design,” Artbook.com has them all.


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Take a Look Inside our Studio

Have you ever been curious what exactly goes on in an architecture firm? Take a peek inside our studio, recently named Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work. Our office is comprised of three levels, and is smack dab in the middle of downtown Aspen, Colorado. Just a few blocks from Aspen Mountain and across from the new Aspen Art Museum, our crew of 20 is hard at work.

With weekly meetings to review project schedules and deadlines, Beer:30’s to enjoy a little camaraderie, birthday lunches and design charrettes – we have a lot of fun while designing many of Aspen’s most beautiful structures. Working in teams, our projects benefit from a small group of individuals with the expertise and experience required by the high level of design. Charles is involved in every project, whether a large commercial project, residential remodel, a public space or small addition. He enjoys all facets of the design process and we often wonder how he fits it all into one day.

clc.standing pit richjim

For more on our studio, check out our website!

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Chris Downey: My Life as a Blind Architect

Every so often, we come across a TED Talk that goes above and beyond to inspire us. In this talk Chris Downey, 46 makes us appreciate something we take for granted everyday. In 2008 Chris Downey, an Architect in California, had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Although the procedure was successful, one day his eyesight began to fail. Three days later he was blind. Remarkably Downey never once thought of giving up his work in Architecture.

After 46 years of living with sight, waking up one day blind — and with no sense of smell, which he also lost in the surgery — was “quite frankly, really terrifying.”



An amazing story we hope you’ll take a moment to see.

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How Architecture Design Decisions Influence our Health

Every aspect of the way you live your daily life has an impact on your health — including the architecture of your home. Designs that promote an active lifestyle and minimize exposure to toxins can help prevent a whole array of disorders, from obesity and heart disease to adult-onset diabetes and more.

Architects and designers are not just artists — they are also important players in the movement towards better public health. Recently, there has been a movement towards using greener, more ecologically friendly materials to create buildings. Those materials, which release fewer toxins into the air, are not just good for the environment. They’re good for human health, too.

Huffington Post’s recent article on the subject, provides an interesting viewpoint: “Common sense, and a growing body of research, point out an overlooked truth: Intentional design decisions can improve health care for sick people. Pushed to its logical conclusion, we can now ask, “Can good design help prevent people from getting sick?”

designs that promote an active lifestyle

Design by Charles Cunniffe Architects

When you’re ready to design a health-inspiring home, contact Charles Cunniffe Architects. Our talented team will work with you to choose the best architecture for health and well-being.

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Hottest Real Estate Amenity – Your Mother’n’law?

You heard it right? According to the Wall Street Journal, “for both domestic and foreign buyers, the hottest amenity in real estate these days is an in-law unit, an apartment carved out of an existing home or stand-along dwelling unit built on the homeowner’s property. While the adult children get the peace of mind of having mom and dad nearby, real-estate agents say the in-law accommodations are adding value to their homes.”

We find this true with many of our clients, who are designing their homes for multiple generations. “In an analysis of real-estate listings, homes with in-law-units, technically called accessory-dwelling-units (ADUs), were priced about 60% higher than houses without them…” states the article. Its great to see families growing together, in the comfort of the family home. Thanks to the Wall Street Journal for an interesting look into this forward thinking trend in home design.

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

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