A CCA Design Breaks Real Estate Record

Its very unique to have one architecture firm design a home that sells for a record breaking price (in Aspen, no less)….remodel that same home fo the new owners, which sell the home…breaking all sales records again!

That is exactly what happened with our project Willoughby Way. Featured all over the web and the Wall Street Journal this week, this incredible private Aspen residence has an interesting and storied past.

We welcome the home’s new owners and hope they enjoy it as much as the other lucky owners have. We’re beyond proud to have been not only the original architects, but also the remodel architects.

Thank you to the many architects, engineers, designers, craftsmen, etc., who put their talents into crafting this incredible Aspen legacy estate!

Willoughby Way
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First Impressions | the entry experience

Your home’s entry sets the tone for the rest of the space. When designing your entry, we always ask ourselves what kind of feeling we want an owner and guest to experience as they enter, and how best to capture that.

There are virtually millions of different ways to design an entry. Do you use wood, steel or glass, for instance? Is it a vestibule or does it have overhangs? Is it one large door, or two doors, maybe a pivot door? Are there windows flanking the door or a transom window above? What kind of hardware do you want to decorate the door with and how will that feel in your hand? How should the space be lit? Is there a sitting area or built-in planters to add greenery? Is there a space for package delivery?

So many questions that we ask ourselves and you to consider as we dive into the entry experience. We want to know how you live throughout the year, and how your family might be evolving over time, so that we are forward-thinking in our design. This type of thoughtful study happens throughout your home. We tailor each space to how you live, how you want to feel in your home and how to plan for the future.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some entries we’ve designed over the years…. see more on our Spaces page.

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