CCA featured on Architectural Digest

Last month, Architectural Digest published a story on the high rates of burnout at architecture and interior design firms, as a result of the intense work environment. So when they asked CCA how we recognize and prevent burnout at our firm, we were happy to oblige.

It’s been a long tradition in Aspen, dating back to Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke’s arrival, to honor the “Mind, Body and Spirit.” Since CCA’s inception nearly 40-years ago, we have always centered our firm’s culture around balance. Within a robust benefits package geared towards overall wellness, we offer flex hours for weekly personal pursuits (whether it be attending a child’s game or volunteering, powder days, a lunchtime mountain bike ride, or hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range). To foster this connection to the outdoors and help our team avoid burnout, we also offer every employee a ‘wellness benefit’ they can utilize to buy a ski pass or pay for a gym or yoga membership. Inside our office we have stand-up desks, ergonomic chairs, and often meet away from our desks to encourage movement.

We encourage our team to come into the office (we offer 2 locations to reduce commuting time), do great work, and leave at a reasonable hour to rest and rejuvenate. The culture of ‘late nights and all-nighters’ is not within our office, and we’re all happy those college days are over. Instead we collaborate, charette, put our heads down, and design efficiently – for ourselves and our clients. 

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