Retrofitting the Empire State Building

Imagine retrofitting the Empire State Building to create a building with 38.4% less watt and BTU consumption and cutting the carbon footprint by 105,000 metric tons – the equivalent to taking over 20,000 cars off the road. Well Rocky Mountain Institute did just that and we learned how from the owner, Tim Malkin and the founder of RMI, Amory Lovins.

“Eight decades after its completion, a team from the Clinton Climate Initiative, Johnson Controls, Jones Lang LaSalle, and the Rocky Mountain Institute joined with Empire State Building Company to transform The Empire State Building into a modern icon of energy efficiency and sustainability from which the entire world can learn and benefit.”

It will cost millions of dollars for The Empire State Building to become more energy efficient, but within three short years the savings of $4.4 million a year will have covered the cost of the retrofit.

Learn why retrofitting is the best option for our existing buildings by visiting The Empire State Building Sustainability Exhibit.


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