Renae Bartol

Interior Design Coordinator

Renae was born in Denver, Colorado and is first-generation American, with Polish Heritage. While earning her degree in psychology through University of Colorado, Renae moved to California and began working for a Design/Build firm in Silicon Valley. She has been involved in designing and selecting finishes for over forty high-end custom homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. After discovering her passion in interior design, Renae furthered her education at The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. After 3 years in California, Renae moved back to Colorado to be closer to her family and found her home at CCA. She enjoys tackling new projects and exceeding her client’s needs from start to finish; bringing their dream project to life. She understands the importance of being in a nurturing environment and is passionate about creating beautiful, inviting, and memorable spaces. Renae loves traveling and seeks design inspiration from everywhere that she visits. Renae lives a very active lifestyle and enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking and exercising.