Sara Schroeder

Interior Designer

A Colorado native, Sara values the interaction between nature and the built environment. At a young age, Sara could feel the power that spaces had to communicate, energize, evoke emotion & curiosity, and create comfort. By middle school Sara knew that interior design was her path, and attended summer programs focused on interior design. While earning her Bachelors in Interior Design at Colorado State University, she studied and applied furniture design in Copenhagen under local professionals.

Sara has developed and refined her design sensibilities in well-recognized firms through award-winning projects, and across a breadth of scales and sectors. Sara’s body of work ranges from individual furniture pieces, to boutique interior renovations, to new construction and historic renovation projects spanning 100,000sf. While working full time, Sara also completed her MBA and Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Over the last 5 years, Sara has geared her career and design pursuits to make greater sustainability, public health, and social impacts.

Seeking to reflect modern lifestyles and to create momentary and timeless experiences, Sara approaches projects as a flowing and continuous composition from landscape to architecture to interiors to furnishings, art, and styling.

Sara enjoys exploring places that further cultivate her appreciation and eye for design. She enjoys peaceful walks with her dogs, restoring through expansive views of the area, hiking, biking, and reading. Like in design, she is also pursuing a more sustainable, healthy, and socially beneficial lifestyle.