Free Architecture Film at the Wheeler

Join the American Institute of Architects Colorado West, next friday April 4th at 12noon for a FREE documentary called Archiculture at the Wheeler Opera House.

Archiculture takes a thoughtful, yet critical look at the architectural studio. The film offers a unique glimpse into the world of studio-based, design education through the eyes of a group of students finishing their final design projects. Interviews with leading professionalshistorians and educators help create crucial dialog around the key issues faced by this unique teaching methodology and the built environment these future architects will create.


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Happy 20th Anniversary to Mountain Living Magazine!

ml_header_logoMountain Living Magazine is ringing in 20 years this year. We are so proud to have been featured on many covers and included in articles throughout the 20 years, and look forward to the next 20 years.

We truly appreciate the magazine for its quality & dedication to designing in the mountains. Enjoy a recap of the magazine’s last 20 years here.

A big happy anniversary to the whole Mountain Living team! Cheers!

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Architectural Record Names its Top Products

One of our favorite industry magazines, Architectural Record, sent their editors out to find the best products of the year. With each year bringing new and innovative materials to the market promising more efficiency, additional options, improved performance etc. the editors had their hands full.


From glazing, to interior finishes to lighting and plumbing fixtures the editors asked manufacturers and designers to submit their products. To select the best entries the editors enlisted the expertise of architects, designers and materials & product specifiers at leading American firms. The results include some impressive new designs that we hope you will find as intriguing as we did.

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The Importance of The Entry

One of our favorite design elements of any structure is the entry. Whether it’s a gabled roof, a barrel vault, a historic archway or a glass cube, it’s an opportunity to set the stage for the whole design. In the initial design stage, when we are siting the home on the lot, our team looks closely at the views, the angles of the sun at differing times of days, the programmatic elements,, and how the building will open up beyond the entry. Getting the entry right is so critical.

One great example of this is our Crandall Residence. Standing at the front door, Pyramid Peak is perfectly framed from entry to great room. Its an art and a science, and one we will continue to perfect! Check out our spaces page for a collection of entries. We hope you enjoy.

Picture 1

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Charles Talks to Aspen Magazine About Designing for the Modern Family

Recently Charles sat down with Modern Luxury Aspen Magazine to discuss how designing has changed over the past few years. “Ten to 15 years ago, people were building more for the moment or to flip for profit. But now, they’re building not just for themselves but for the people who will inherit their home.”

Charles also discusses the multigenerational approach to design with other Architects and Designers. He feels it’s a particularly rewarding time to be an Architect.

Thanks to writer Cindy Hirschfeld, and congrats to Cindy for her recent appointment as Aspen Magazine’s new Editor-in-Chief.

unnamed (1)

To read the article please visit Aspen Magazine’s digital edition.

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Looking Back as We Look Forward

Wow, have we got some exciting projects in the works. From commercial buildings, to some impressive LEED for Homes residences incorporating the very best in material applications, forms and systems. It’s an exciting time at CCA. As we look forward to sharing new designs with you, we thought we would take the opportunity to look back on some wonderful projects which have stood the test of time. One project which was a hallmark of the time, is the Snook Residence.

Located on the magnificent Owl Creek Ranch, the 13,000 sq ft home posed the challenge of maintaining a feeling of warmth and scale for a family residence. Each space exudes coziness and comfort. The warmth of color and softness of texture, combine to create the relaxed atmosphere. This home has withstood the test of time, and is still enjoyed by its owners. Recipient of many architectural awards, we could not be more proud of this timeless design.

Picture 4

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Do You Know the Latest on LEED V4?

We were excited to take part in the March 5th about LEED V4. The presentation explained the changes in LEED V4 from LEED V2009 while discussing the methodology adopted by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to develop it. With two LEED for Homes projects in design, we enjoyed learning the new terms, rating system and credits. Thanks to the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) for putting on this worthwhile event which was free for USGBC members & only $10 for non members. For more info visit Aspen CORE’s website.

Picture 3

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Intriguing Take on Open Source Architecture via TED speaker Alastair Parvin

The TED showcases a look at a very interesting take on architecture– “Architecture for the people, by the people.” Designer Alastair Parvin discusses a simple but provocative idea: what if, instead of architects creating buildings for those who can afford to commission them, regular citizens could design and build their own houses.

The concept, which is at the heart of WikiHouse, is an open source construction kit that means just about anyone can build a house, anywhere. In our practice, we are consistently looking at architecture from all sides. We all can live within our “bubbles”, and TED Talks always help us view our world from a different angle.

Hope you enjoy this TED Talk!


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Aspen Named One of the Top Places to Be in 2014

Aspen Named One of the Top Places to Be in 2014

The great outdoors is one of the many benefits of calling Aspen home. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The New York Times has named Aspen as one of the top places to go in 2014. Well-known for its world-class skiing and expert slopes, Aspen has long been at the top of the list for ski enthusiast, but it’s now emerging as so much more.

Highlighted in the New York Times article is the long-awaited opening of the Aspen Art Museum, scheduled for summer 2014. Designed by Shigeru Ban, the museum will be located in downtown Aspen at the corner of South Spring Street and Hyman Avenue. Museum visitors will first take a lift to the roof’s sculpture garden where they will have a spectacular view of Aspen before descending to the galleries. Galleries will showcase art and sculpture from artists around the world.

In Aspen, cultural pursuits are aplenty. Jazz Aspen Snowmass just announced its Labor Day line-up, the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet continues to wow audiences, Belly Up‘s live music year round is always cutting edge, and Theatre Aspen‘s summer season will soon kick into gear. There are so many ways to enjoy the city’s culture and adventure. Being in business for over 33 years, Charles Cunniffe Architects hopes you’ll come enjoy it with us!

If you’re considering life in Aspen, contact us. We are committed to exceptional architecture and design that reflects the joys of the Aspen lifestyle.

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