CCA + ACRA + we-cycle

I spy CCA! Thank you to the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) for showcasing CCA on their we-cycle stands throughout Aspen. If you’re not familiar with ACRA, you probably enjoy their work throughout the many events, sponsorships, town functions and business support they provide. As longtime supporters, we appreciate how much their small staff gives to our community.

Have you taken a buzz around town on a we-cycle yet? If you haven’t, its a great way to enjoy all of the fall colors!

Pictured above: Architects Charles, Ashley, Rich and Erica – some of CCA’s best!

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A Video Tour of Willoughby Way

With the record sale of Willoughby Way hitting all corners of the social and print media world, we stumbled upon Erik Conover’s video tour on YouTube. Not all the facts were exxxxxxxactly correct, but it was fun to see the video coverage!

Click here for the full video and thanks to Erik and Riley Warwick for showcasing our team’s work!

For more on this project, check out a few other major headlines on this incredible sale:

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A CCA Design Breaks Real Estate Record

Its very unique to have one architecture firm design a home that sells for a record breaking price (in Aspen, no less)….remodel that same home fo the new owners, which sell the home…breaking all sales records again!

That is exactly what happened with our project Willoughby Way. Featured all over the web and the Wall Street Journal this week, this incredible private Aspen residence has an interesting and storied past.

We welcome the home’s new owners and hope they enjoy it as much as the other lucky owners have. We’re beyond proud to have been not only the original architects, but also the remodel architects.

Thank you to the many architects, engineers, designers, craftsmen, etc., who put their talents into crafting this incredible Aspen legacy estate!

Willoughby Way
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First Impressions | the entry experience

Your home’s entry sets the tone for the rest of the space. When designing your entry, we always ask ourselves what kind of feeling we want an owner and guest to experience as they enter, and how best to capture that.

There are virtually millions of different ways to design an entry. Do you use wood, steel or glass, for instance? Is it a vestibule or does it have overhangs? Is it one large door, or two doors, maybe a pivot door? Are there windows flanking the door or a transom window above? What kind of hardware do you want to decorate the door with and how will that feel in your hand? How should the space be lit? Is there a sitting area or built-in planters to add greenery? Is there a space for package delivery?

So many questions that we ask ourselves and you to consider as we dive into the entry experience. We want to know how you live throughout the year, and how your family might be evolving over time, so that we are forward-thinking in our design. This type of thoughtful study happens throughout your home. We tailor each space to how you live, how you want to feel in your home and how to plan for the future.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some entries we’ve designed over the years…. see more on our Spaces page.

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CCA is Hiring an Interior Designer!

Calling all Interior Designers! Looking to make a change or join an incredible design team? We’d love to hear from you. Send your resume and portfolio to
You may also view our job ad on ASID

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A Home in Highlands we Never Published!

There are some projects that we never publish, for one reason or another. Sneak peak into a really fun home we designed for a couple with eclectic tastes; who wanted to meld mountain architecture with their fun and whimsical interior design aesthetic. Slopeside at Highlands, this ski-in home embraces its mountainside setting and was a blast to design with the family! We hope you enjoy…

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An Off-Season Dive into Aspen’s History

What can we say, we love a little Aspen History! With a week of upcoming snowstorms, and before the busyness of summer ensues, join us a deep-dive into Aspen’s storied past. Aspen may be small, but our history is mighty.

We’ve had the pleasure of sponsoring the Decade by Decade exhibit, on display now at the Aspen Historical Society. Here is a little snippet from AHS and what you’ll find…

Aspen Historical Society presents Decade by Decade: Aspen Revealed, a new exhibit that offers a comprehensive view of Aspen’s fascinating past. The exhibit explores the stories that shaped the community’s distinct identity: from mining boom to dilapidated ranching town to today’s international recreational and cultural resort, Aspen forged a unique path. Featuring photographs and artifacts that represent Aspen’s connection to national events and trends, the exhibition reflects on the community’s place within the larger historical landscape of the nation – sometimes congruent, sometimes divergent – but always exciting. Decade by Decade: Aspen Revealed will appeal to visitors and locals of all ages, showcasing the depth of the AHS Collection.

We are so proud to be continued supporters of the Aspen Historical Society, and hope you’ll stop by for a visit!

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Financial Times Features Elk Peak Ranch

Do you read the Financial Times? You wouldn’t think of it as a design resource, but they highlight some interesting projects and design elements. So while you’re catching up on the latest news, head over to see our project, Elk Peak Ranch highlighted in their Interiors section.

“Walk in the wild side: the world of super-luxury wardrobes” features several design elements we include in our luxury closet designs. From high tech security, storage and seating….more goes into closet design than ever these days!

Thank you to the Financial Times for featuring our work!

Read the article here.

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CCA has worked for decades with Ouray County to meticulously, efficiently and respectfully restore the Ouray County Courthouse, built and occupied since 1888. The courtroom where John Wayne once famously held forth as U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn in the 1968 movie classic “True Grit” was in desperate need of repair, expansion and updating to carry forward in the modern age. The goal of the project was to bring back the look and feel of the historic era of both the interior and exterior of the building, enhancing and celebrating the building’s strengths while quietly shoring up its deficits and providing modern, efficient upgrades. Not only did CCA provide all programming, architectural and construction administration duties for this historic restoration and addition, our team also aided the County in securing funding through various grants.

The transformation was incredible! We look forward to sharing more of the story and photos with you. Thank you to our dedicated team and the County of Ouray for entrusting us with this important historic building. It was an honor!

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OUTSIDE Magazine Names CCA on their ’50 Best Places to Work in 2020′ list

Seven years ago, we made the Outside Magazine list of ‘Best Places to Work in the US’ for the very first time. Proud we were! The list is comprised of the top companies in the United States who emphasize a strong work/life balance and a dedication to outdoor pursuits.

CCA has always held a belief that we do our best work, and serve our communities most, when we balance work and life. With an office two blocks from the Aspen gondola, skiing has always been a part of CCA’s ethos. We love the mountains and each want to get out in them as much as possible. You will often find our team members taking a design break and gaining inspiration from the outdoors. We bike, we climb, we ski, we golf, we raft, we fish, we hike. We take that inspiration and infuse it into our designs. You can see it everywhere.

Fast forward to 2020….what a year it has been. Our team has worked harder than ever to maintain the quality we expect, collaborate together while being apart…and the mountains have remained a place of solace.

We are honored to make the list for the 7th consecutive year. Thank you to Charles for providing a tremendous benefits package that supports the team and our families. Between the health and financial attributes within our company benefits, we are able to be fiscally responsible, spend time with our families, pursue our personal goals, and volunteer in our communities.

Thank you to Outside for including us. We are in some great company!

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