Happy New Year from our Team to you!

2023 was another exceptional year (with 2024 shaping up to be even better!)

The year was spent deep in design, with multiple projects in the beginning or final stages of design and construction. Two exciting points in the life of a project — although often, the magic is in the middle!

In the midst of designing we were also looking inward, with a focus on how to streamline, inspire, uplevel, and challenge ourselves. After the pandemic, it seems most design firms have been challenged with delicate balance between design staff working remote and in the office. We too, have had many conversations and explored various ways of working together. This fall we gathered the troops to spend time in the outdoors, visit projects, laugh, charrette, laugh some more, and enjoy being a team together!

What we found, was a reinvigorated sense of community. We’re so fortunate to have a crew of like-minded, thoughtful, dedicated, talented and outstanding professionals on our team. We inspire eachother, there is zero ego (which we’re so thankful for!) and we all just really enjoy eachother.

With that, comes a culture where hard conversations can be had, obstacles can be worked through…and a sense of team. What that means for our clients – cohesive, thoughtful, impactful design. 2024 will likely be our best year yet, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

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