Project Spotlight: Stonebridge Condominium

When joint homeowners enlisted CCA to renovate their outdated condominium in Snowmass Village, Colorado, we were happy to retrofit it for the two fun-loving families. Purchased 15 prior, every inch of the outdated space was well worn, and in need of a refresh. The two families totaling 10 people (four adults and six children), enjoy the condo throughout winter and summer, with lots of gear and lots of love — so it was time for some clever space-saving design!

The team re-imagined the dark quarters, carefully selecting light-reflecting materials and a new lighting system to bolster the natural and ambient light. Previously stationed in a tiny corner of the home, the kitchen was reconfigured around an island and opens to the family room and dining room. As an extension of the kitchen and uniting the family room, we created a bar wall with ample counter space, a wine fridge, refrigerator and freezer drawers.

On the ground floor are two master suites, with minimalist interiors and hotel style bathrooms. Up the space-saving spiral stair, is the ‘family suite’ which includes a master bedroom w/an extra bed and vanity; and the bunk room of all bunk rooms! Frosted glass was utilized in the bathroom to fill the spaces with light, yet preserve privacy. Clever storage for the family’s recreational gear was a fun challenge we enjoyed pursuing!

The ski getaway was featured in Mountain Living magazine last year, in an article called “A Pocket Sized Condo That Packs a Punch.” 

To read the article, click here

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It’s been nearly three-weeks since we sat down with our team and decided to work remotely. News of the Coronavirus was constant, fears were mounting with confirmed cases in Aspen, and we needed to act fast. Eighteen days later, we are all safely working from home. We do not take our ability to work remotely for granted. Its on our minds constantly – utilizing all of the technologies we have invested in for the past several years. Each time we have a team video-conference, instant message, review designs remotely, render views, and simply pick up the phone and call one another – we are reminded that we are the lucky ones.

We love to design. It is our passion. It is our purpose.

What has changed? We are learning new ways to interface with eachother. Those with children at home are juggling work and homeschooling (go parents!), we are learning new technologies to bolster our team’s communication, and we’re happy to say that our team has adjusted very well.

What hasn’t changed? Our commitment. The commitment to our clients, to the projects we’re fortunate to design, to our community, to the global landscape and to the health of those around us.

Looking forward, we’re unsure like everyone….but we know this for sure – we have an unrivaled team of dedicated design professionals that will persevere. CCA has weathered 40 years of storms, and surely we will get through this. We’re all in it together!  

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Gratitude & Resilience

With our teams safely working remote, and Charles & Nicole currently manning the Aspen office (6′ apart of course), we are feeling grateful today for all of the amazing individuals out there working the front lines.

We feel very fortunate to have the technology and the dedicated team members we do, and are getting into the remote-groove here at CCA. Doing our part, and now looking for ways to help in our community. We’ll get through this together (while currently apart). Hang in there everyone!

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Featured in Robb Report as the ultimate slumber party retreat, Aspen Modern was the result of terrific clients and a highly skilled and dedicated design team that worked tirelessly to revamp this Aspen home from top to bottom. The existing architecture was a good starting point, but the home really needed updating and refreshing. Every square inch of this house was renovated and the results are impressive!! Click here to view the project

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It’s not often that a design firm can claim four decades of extraordinary success, so we took the opportunity in our latest newsletter to mark this milestone. In the newsletter — and here in our office — we’ve been honoring our past, celebrating the present, and considering the future.  In addition to sharing some of our best work through the decades, we also included our community charity work, the awards we received in 2019, and our latest press features, which include Robb Report, AD.COM, Luxe and Aspen Magazine. 

We are very grateful to have had such a fruitful 2019, but even more, we are thankful for a successful 40 years for CCA. To read our latest news, click here.

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CCA Receives AAJ Award from the AIA

We are especially humbled when the work we do benefiting the Aspen community is recognized. So, we are excited to report that CCA earned the Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The recognition was given to six other firms and is evaluated by quality of form, functionality, and current architectural responses to complex justice design issues.

A true passion project, and it certainly took a strong village to complete. In addition to sustainability, we designed the building with functionality, wellness, security and safety, hoping to augment both the character of and connection with the Aspen community.

To read more about the award, click here.

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Four Projects :: Four Decades

Kicking off our 40th Anniversary in 2020, we thought we’d sit down and review our body of work and see if we could determine our favorite projects from each decade. Proud to say — it was no easy feat. After much discussion, here are our tops! Follow us on Instagram to see more reflection on 40 years, and the amazing projects we’re currently designing. Forty years – we are so proud!

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Luxury Magazine Robb Report Asks Charles For His ‘Can’t Miss Experiences’ in Aspen’

What a great way to usher in 2020: One of our favorite luxury publications, Robb Report, asked Charles for his top recommendations for jet setters visiting Aspen this winter. From the new infinity mirror installation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusamas, to Cloud Nine Bistro after a day of skiing, to watching fireworks on the rooftop of the W Hotel, Charles had a handful of fun attractions that shouldn’t be missed. 

To read the article click here

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A family tradition

Every family has their own quirky holiday traditions, and for almost 40 years, we’ve skipped the formal holiday lunch and instead, taken our team bowling. Super fancy, we know! 🙂 The afternoon is kicked off by a hilarious Secret Santa gift exchange, some quality bar food, and a big “cheers” to everyone’s hard work & dedication throughout the year. Then….we bowl. Spouses, partners, and kids all join in…and its a great time. Charles started this tradition back in the 80’s when he first established the firm (and a bowling alley opened in El Jebel), and we haven’t missed a year yet. Here’s to another 40 years of creative, thoughtful and slightly inappropriate gifts, tons of laughs with the people we work with and their families. Hope you find your quirky this holiday season!

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Colorado (and CCA) Gives!

Tomorrow is ‘Colorado Gives Day,’ a nationwide movement to encourage philanthropy through online giving. Throughout the year, CCA provides donations, sponsorships, and pro-bono services to countless non-profit organizations. Several years ago CCA started supporting charities in lieu of tangible client gifts, and we love seeing those donations at work. Here are just a few of the many non-profits we support, and how you can give this holiday season:

River Bridge Regional CenterNationally accredited nonprofit child advocacy center, utilizing a child-centered, multidisciplinary approach to the prevention, assessment, treatment and investigation of child abuse. CCA supports River Bridge Regional Center annually and has also provided pro-bono design services for the center in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 

Aspen Education FoundationThis foundation raises money for the schools of Aspen, and invests in the educational experiences including: Outdoor Education, Aeronautics, and Performing Arts.

Mountain Rescue Aspen One of the oldest of its kind, Mountain Rescue deploys search and rescue teams throughout the state. Our team also had the honor of designing their new facility in Aspen. 

The Buddy ProgramThe Buddy Program matches local youth with adults for mentoring and supporting at risk youth with academics and self esteem. Several of our employees have also participated in the Buddy Program. 

To read more about our philanthropic work, click here

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