Challenge Aspen Wilderness Ranch

Our team at Charles Cunniffe Architects has had the great opportunity to work with Challenge Aspen to design their 40-acre Wilderness Ranch outside Aspen, Colorado. The vision for Wilderness Ranch from concept to reality is to design and develop a state-of-the-art wilderness experience for those with disabilities and their families. The Wilderness Ranch will accommodate year round cultural and recreational life experiences for individuals who have physical or mental disabilities. Life-experiences will take place through utilizing advanced technologies, barrier-free accommodations and unlimited access to the wilderness.

Our vision begins with those who are dedicated to the task of accepting nothing but the best for themselves and others. We see the purpose of the Wilderness Ranch’s birth and growth is to insure that those with disabilities, young and old from all walks of life, have an experience that will enhance their well being. This will be accomplished through the many activities provided at the Wilderness Ranch. From the most taxing for those with strong athletic abilities wishing to push their limits, to those that will enjoy the tranquil wilderness and wish to be alone with their thoughts, Wilderness Ranch will have something for everyone. The facility will be on the cutting edge of technology, accommodating all facets of individual disabilities in a setting that is among the most beautiful in the world: the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.

To see more of our projects, please visit Charles Cunniffe Architects.

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Fox Crossing Aspen

We have had the good fortune to work with the developers of Fox Crossing Aspen to master plan and design 18 residences in Aspen. Fox Crossing is a truly unique neighborhood right in the middle of Aspen.

Each of the 18 new homes in Fox Crossing is positioned to maximize the views from Mt. Sopris to Independence Pass. The exteriors are masterpieces of the Aspen vernacular, with stone and timber echoing the mountains that surround them. The neighborhood is situated around an elegantly landscaped park with a path leading directly to the Hunter Creek Trail. Two miner’s cabins and a turn-of-the-century Victorian home will be restored, accenting the property with a bit of Aspen’s rich history.

(Click on image to see full size.)

Visit Fox Crossing Aspen for more information, or check out our site, Charles Cunniffe Architects to see some of our other exciting projects!

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Colorado Mountain College: Rifle Campus

We believe providing educational opportunities is a vital function to any community and Colorado Mountain College in Rifle is a testament to that. Throughout the past year, our team at Charles Cunniffe Architects has been working on a design for the Rifle campus expansion. By partnering with CMC’s board as well as the educators and stakeholders, we look forward to continuing our efforts. We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in such a community and regional asset.

Take a look at some of the conceptual art for this exciting project, and visit the gallery to see other projects by our firm.

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Little Nell Residence Awarded AIA People’s Choice Award

Charles Cunniffe Architects’ Little Nell Residence was the recipient of the AIA Colorado West People’s Choice Award. The AIA Colorado West People’s Choice Award is selected by a vote of the Design Award Gala attendees, who include architects and other industry professionals, as their favorite project of the night.

This is an incredible honor for us here at CCA! Take a look at these shots of the project, and to see more of the Little Nell Residence, please visit the project gallery.

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Smart Money: Lending Is Back

Dollar SignWe found this article in Smart Money to be very interesting. It deals with the growing number of banks that are once again offering home equity loans. Smart Money claims that “after more than three years, some lenders are cautiously re-entering the second mortgage market”, but to be careful because “borrowers could still end up underwater if home prices in their neighborhood drop”. To read this article by Smart Money, click the link below.
The Return of Home Equity Loans and HELOCs –

Photo by Oldmaison via flickr

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In the News E-Newsletter

Little Nell Residence Winter PhotoIn this winter’s ‘In the News’, Charles Cunniffe Architects celebrates its 30th anniversary by looking back at three decades of the award winning architectural design. The newsletter also highlights the various awards won during the quarter, including the American Institute of Architects People’s Choice Award for CCA’s Little Nell Residence (pictured). Read these stories and more in this quarter’s In the News E – Newsletter. It is also available online by clicking here.

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Telluride Town Park

Charles Cunniffe Architects was chosen through a design competition to complete a new design for Telluride’s coveted Town Park. The existing grandstand structure is in disrepair and no longer meets the needs of the park. Our design team took the dramatic location, mining-era vernacular, festivals and local culture into account to design the multi-functioning structures. The design was to respect the existing structures as well as the rich history. With seating for the popular softball games and a covered concession area the space will be usable for the many community events and summer-long softball season.

To see more of this and other projects, visit the Charles Cunniffe Architects site.

Telluride Town Park- Stage

Telluride Town Park- Ball Park

Telluride Town Park- Ball Park

Telluride Town Park- Stage

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Rocky Mountain Institute

photo by George Lu

Our firm is sought after for our commitment to innovative and creative solutions, so it is no wonder that we have a high regard for the “think and do tank” that is the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). Charles Cunniffe Architects works with Amory Lovins, the internationally renowned scientist who founded the RMI and has worked for decades to address the energy challenges facing the world.

The Rocky Mountain Institute is unique in its positive, hands-on approach to energy solutions. Their website states:

“RMI is engaged in research that addresses pragmatic designs, practices, and policies, not social theories or laboratory experiments. We work on all parts of the solution process—idea, strategy, and implementation—in the high impact areas of energy, mobility and vehicle efficiency, energy resource use, security, and the built environment.

Instead of focusing on the negative consequences of our actions, RMI brings a philosophy of applied hope to overcoming our challenges. We use applied hope to create truly transformative change to bring about a future that is just, prosperous, and life-sustaining for all, for ever.”

This “can-do” attitude focuses on the ways in which business interests overlap with environmental interests. Find out more about the idea of “natural capitalism” and the ways in which the RMI is making a difference by visiting

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