Rocky Mountain Institute

photo by George Lu

Our firm is sought after for our commitment to innovative and creative solutions, so it is no wonder that we have a high regard for the “think and do tank” that is the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). Charles Cunniffe Architects works with Amory Lovins, the internationally renowned scientist who founded the RMI and has worked for decades to address the energy challenges facing the world.

The Rocky Mountain Institute is unique in its positive, hands-on approach to energy solutions. Their website states:

“RMI is engaged in research that addresses pragmatic designs, practices, and policies, not social theories or laboratory experiments. We work on all parts of the solution process—idea, strategy, and implementation—in the high impact areas of energy, mobility and vehicle efficiency, energy resource use, security, and the built environment.

Instead of focusing on the negative consequences of our actions, RMI brings a philosophy of applied hope to overcoming our challenges. We use applied hope to create truly transformative change to bring about a future that is just, prosperous, and life-sustaining for all, for ever.”

This “can-do” attitude focuses on the ways in which business interests overlap with environmental interests. Find out more about the idea of “natural capitalism” and the ways in which the RMI is making a difference by visiting

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