Jigsaw Ranch Featured in Forbes Magazine

Jigsaw Ranch in the Aspen, Colorado, zip code of 81611 ranked no. 13 in Forbes Magazine’s list of Homes In The 100 Most Expensive ZIP Codes. Our Jigsaw Ranch, which is listed at $47.5 million with Mason Morse Coldwell Banker Real Estate, has a total of 5 dwellings, 12 bedrooms and sits on 80 acres. This isn’t Jigsaw Ranch’s first time in Forbes Magazine, earlier in the year it was highlighted, along with 8 other homes in Forbes’ “9 Massive Multi-Dwelling Luxury Compounds.” 

Photo via Forbes

In the first place spot is a six level townhouse that has yet to be built in Manhattan’s 10065 ZIP code. To see the complete list of homes visit  www.forbes.com.

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Top Observation Decks From Around The World

Last week we featured the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which Charles Cunniffe, principal of Charles Cunniffe Architects, named his favorite building in the West. Today we wanted to feature other observation decks, from around the world, that are known for their incredible views (Grand Canyon Skywalk was listed as # 1).

This list is compiled by Design Buzz.

1. Grand Canyon Sky Wall in Arizona
2. Dachstein Ice Palace in Austria
3. Top of Tyrol  in Austria
4. Il Binocolo in Italy
5. Aurland Lookout in Austria
6. Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk
7. 5 Fingers Viewing Platform in Austria
8. Landscape Promontory in Switzerland
9. Infinity Room, also known as The House On The Rock in Wisconsin
10. Iguazu Viewing Platform in Brazil

To see the views from these platforms visit Design Buzz. As you can see nothing beats the view from on top of the world, or at least from on top of a mountain.

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What’s Your Favorite High-Country Structure?

Mountain Living magazine recently asked several top mountain area architects to name their “favorite high-country building.” Charles Cunniffe, principal of Charles Cunniffe Architects, named the Grand Canyon Skywalk as his building of choice.

“The Grand Canyon Skywalk. Its bold and simple gesture in the landscape allows people to experience the canyon in an outrageous and unexpected way.”–  Charles Cunniffe

Photo via Mountain Living

Located in Mohave, Arizona, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge offering unobstructed views of the Grand Canyon. The overlook was commissioned by the Hualapai Indian tribe and designed by architect Mark Ross Johnson. The length of the Skywalk is 69 feet and it sits suspended 4,757 feet above the base.

What’s your favorite mountain region structure?

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Explore The Theory of Moderism, Design & The Luminaire at Anderson Ranch Arts Center

This summer Oscar Carlson, our incredibly talented Job Captain, took part in Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s workshop called “Modernism, Design & the Luminaire”. The week-long session introduces students, via image and lecture, to the theory of Modernism, the design process and lighting principles. Each student designed and crafted their own project using mixed-media techniques. Oscar’s work connects life and light through the use of metal as an organically composed exoskeleton as the light source, and controls light through the use of Plexiglass and edge treatments.

Through experimentation, he was able to bring life to something made from very cold and sterile materials. We are so proud of his talents and appreciate Oscar’s creativity and artistic endeavors. For more on this class visit Andersonranch.org.

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