Top Observation Decks From Around The World

Last week we featured the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which Charles Cunniffe, principal of Charles Cunniffe Architects, named his favorite building in the West. Today we wanted to feature other observation decks, from around the world, that are known for their incredible views (Grand Canyon Skywalk was listed as # 1).

This list is compiled by Design Buzz.

1. Grand Canyon Sky Wall in Arizona
2. Dachstein Ice Palace in Austria
3. Top of Tyrol  in Austria
4. Il Binocolo in Italy
5. Aurland Lookout in Austria
6. Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk
7. 5 Fingers Viewing Platform in Austria
8. Landscape Promontory in Switzerland
9. Infinity Room, also known as The House On The Rock in Wisconsin
10. Iguazu Viewing Platform in Brazil

To see the views from these platforms visit Design Buzz. As you can see nothing beats the view from on top of the world, or at least from on top of a mountain.

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