How the Site Affects Your Home’s Design

The best designed homes take advantage of their natural surroundings instead of trying to impose on the space. Here are a few ideas on what to do to help you get the most out of your site:

Use Local or Regional Materials – Using the stone from the surrounding countryside as a construction material is an excellent way to integrate the structure into the site. Utilizing wood natural colors will complete the feeling of “oneness with your site.”

Connect the Inside with the Out – Adding porches, patios and decks with easy access from the inside creates a unique entertainment space that takes advantage of the natural décor and scenery.

Take Advantage of the View – Capturing different vistas from each room will create different atmospheres, especially as the outdoors go through the seasons.


For more information on how the site affects the project and other architectural topics, please contact us at Charles Cunniffe Architects. You’ll find us online or you can reach us directly at 888-457-6919.

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