Summer with Perspective (Part 1)

As summer quickly moves in (finally!), we took a moment to reflect on a few different project types, focusing on the importance of capturing summer. Designing throughout the US and abroad, we often have the opportunity to work with all four seasons, and must look at each design through the lenses of winter, spring, summer and fall. So much changes from the depths of winter to the peak of summer, and an architect must consider the full pendulum when designing. The light angle and intensity varies, wind can be a factor in certain months, rain and thunderstorms can move in without a moment’s notice, and of course snow – and this year we thankfully had a ton here in Aspen! 

A few projects we look back on, to see how we captured either the outdoor views, utilized the landscape in interesting ways, worked the outdoors in, and designed to foster a true sense of connectivity in the way we live with nature. 

A glass bridge over a stream connects the Elk Peak bedroom wing, with the living area.
Stunning mountain vistas are captured through glass at Aspen Glam.
A perforated, curving steel wall reflects the nearby Roaring Fork river and provides privacy for the Aspen Police Department outdoor dining area.
Varying roof angles and material strength are perfectly executed in the Aspen Park private residence, with views towards the continental divide.
Inspired by the owner’s love of tropical vacations, Desert Oasis in Phoenix, AZ is it’s own private resort in the desert. Deep overhangs, a free-flowing pool with fire pits and multiple areas to lounge create the perfect escape.
A once dated & sunken living room was reimagined and refreshed. Pastoral and mountain views captured through floor to ceiling re-worked glazing at Owl Creek.
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