Aspen’s New Sway

From a collaboration between New Waterloo and Infinite Hospitality, comes sway Aspen. We were fortunate to partner with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, and the group to bring this fresh new addition to Aspen’s culinary scene. Sway Aspen is a modern Thai restaurant that elevates the concept of tradition through exceptional design. With its flagship location in Austin, Texas since 2012, Sway has become known for its sophisticated interiors that blend edgy and inviting elements. The Aspen location embodies a distinctive aesthetic that invokes warmth, coziness, and intimacy, while reflecting the vibrancy of a bustling family meal in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The restaurant’s design draws inspiration from traditional Thai homes with teak interiors and high-mountain experiences in Nepal, featuring plush banquettes, gentle lighting, soft acoustics, and unique materials manipulated in unexpected ways.

Sway Aspen includes hand-sculpted cotton paper banana leaf pendants designed in collaboration with Pelle, custom light fixtures from LaSpec, and a playful bar area with a Calacatta Viola White marble bar top and burgundy glazed lava-stone profiled tile base. The interior showcases raw brass and steel, wire-brushed wood, and clay plaster to create subtle textures that enhance the cozy, inviting setting. Complementing the exquisite design, the menu presents a modern interpretation of Thai delicacies using the best ingredients sourced from local Aspen farmers, fostering robust flavors and a communal, transportive dining experience. Sway Aspen is a luxurious yet deceptively simple celebration of contrasts, offering a truly unique Aspen experience.

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