Its not every day that an architecture firm earns the privilege of designing a new City Hall building in very their own town. When CCA was awarded the project after the successful completion of the Aspen Facilities Master Plan and Aspen Police Department, we knew this would be an impactful, challenging and all-encompassing project. That it was. Most of all, it was a rewarding project and one we are very proud of.

A bit about the design:

The new Aspen City Hall is a lively urban ensemble, providing a new community resource and gathering place. The site was an existing and underutilized city asset, fronting a municipal parking lot and city-owned Rio Grande Park. The location allowed for an extension of the existing rooftop plaza to further connect the downtown core, to the parks and river beyond.

Aspen City Hall is organized around existing municipal and civic facilities, parks and plazas which are landscaped on a series of public spaces connecting the mountain to the south, with the river to the north. As an artificial extension of the hillside, the green roof of the new building acts as the connective tissue linking the mountain to the river, creating a natural greenway. Natural paths extend from the landscape to the roofscape, creating wayfinding for people to move around and through.

On the ground floor, the facades recede to expand the public realm, creating canopies to welcome visitors, collaborators, and community members. Each area of the building is tailored to its specific program, with the floor plans creating a lively and varied interior architecture.

The art-filled interior provides a biophilic environment that aims to enhance productivity and well-being. The surrounding parks, with ample green elements, provide visual relief and access to the natural environment.

Recently completed, the building was designed to achieve LEED Gold and WELL Building certificates, which are currently in progress.

Click here to see the project’s photo collection

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Annual Family Picnic

Each summer we gather the crew, their families (and dogs of course!), and enjoy a Friday afternoon eating, laughing, drinking, and playing lawn games. Its one of our favorite annual gatherings and one tradition of many, that we relish in. Seeing everyone’s families and spending time outdoors connects us in ways we never expect. So thankful to have this incredible group of professionals who are such strong design individuals – and just great people. How did we get so lucky?!

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