Charles Cunniffe featured in Western Home Journal

After winning the American Institute of Architects Community Service by an Architect award for the Colorado West region, Western Mountain Journal sat down with Charles to “speak about his views on the importance of community service and to discuss why this work inspires him.”

WMJ: Why is community service important to you?

Charles Cunniffe: Aspen and Telluride are our home and our base. We have been given a lot of opportunities here both personally and professionally. I see it as both paying back and paying forward. There are great deserving populations that because of circumstances need help. With time, money, and a personal commitment we can make a difference in their lives. We will donate or provide services to almost any worthy cause.

WMJ: Has your work on these community projects in any way changed you or your approach to design?

Charles Cunniffe: Certainly. It has broadened our perspective, and we have different motivations. It provided us a more balanced view of the life in our community. We have enjoyed partnering with the community and that has enhanced our ability to collaborate and given us greater awareness of the value of everyone’s contribution—the whole of a group offers much more than one individual. There have been so many satisfying moments like seeing people enjoying facilities and creating healthier organizations, which have provided great meaning and a sense of fulfillment. The work has been a reward in itself.

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On the cover, our 389 Ridge Road project in Aspen.

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