Conservation Taking Flight

Recently, 3 private planes took off from the famed Aspen Airport. The mission: educate students on the conservation issues facing national parks in the Southwest as part of EcoFlight’s Flight Across America. Our friend Bruce Gordon, the founder and chief pilot of EcoFlight, started the Aspen-based non-profit in 2002 providing an aerial perspective on environmental issues and threats. Policy makers, conservation groups, the media and young adults are flown throughout the West so that they can see the impact, or potential impact, that man’s activities have on the landscape. “We spend 85 percent of our time flying political decision-makers, media representatives and concerned citizens, but I feel so strongly that the future is really in our youth,” said Gordon.

Gordon, also a pilot for the program, said he hopes to inspire young leaders and have them share their optimism with their peers. He said it is the young who have to face tomorrow’s environmental problems.

“We need to get more young people involved to really have a voice,” Gordon said. “We really try to educate and to advocate for the environment.”


To learn more about EcoFlight visit their website at

Source: Aspen Times

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