Get to Know: Telluride Board of Realtors

Get to Know: Telluride Board of Realtors

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As local architects, we work with a range of professional organizations through the process of designing commercial and residential buildings. The nonprofits we associate with play an important role in our community, and we would like to shine the spotlight on some of these special organizations. Today, we would like introduce you to the Telluride Board of Realtors.

There is probably no industry that benefits from networking the way that Realtors do. The Telluride Board of Realtors is a hub for Realtors, sellers and homebuyers in the area. In addition to providing information, legal advice, and training seminars to keep the area’s Realtors up to date on current trends, policies and procedures, they’re also committed to developing the standards and ethics that move the industry forward.

This organization is active year-round. Currently, their members can attend workshops aimed at a variety of topics, from learning about special financing opportunities for green and energy efficient properties, to webinars and classes regarding new real estate forms. In addition to serving local Realtors, homebuyers and sellers, the Telluride Board of Realtors is dedicated to giving back to the community.

Charles Cunniffe Architects is pleased to have a professional relationship with this esteemed group.

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