How Architecture Design Decisions Influence our Health

Every aspect of the way you live your daily life has an impact on your health — including the architecture of your home. Designs that promote an active lifestyle and minimize exposure to toxins can help prevent a whole array of disorders, from obesity and heart disease to adult-onset diabetes and more.

Architects and designers are not just artists — they are also important players in the movement towards better public health. Recently, there has been a movement towards using greener, more ecologically friendly materials to create buildings. Those materials, which release fewer toxins into the air, are not just good for the environment. They’re good for human health, too.

Huffington Post’s recent article on the subject, provides an interesting viewpoint: “Common sense, and a growing body of research, point out an overlooked truth: Intentional design decisions can improve health care for sick people. Pushed to its logical conclusion, we can now ask, “Can good design help prevent people from getting sick?”

designs that promote an active lifestyle

Design by Charles Cunniffe Architects

When you’re ready to design a health-inspiring home, contact Charles Cunniffe Architects. Our talented team will work with you to choose the best architecture for health and well-being.

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