Little Cabin in the Woods

We had the great opportunity to design this idyllic cabin nestled into the tree-line with views overlooking open meadows and Lake Catamount–a large mountain lake–in the distance. As you enter the property, the cabin is sighted to appear as the original log homestead. The overall historical feel was created with large timber framing, exposed rafters, log slab siding with chinking, stone base, and rusted metal roofing.

The interior of the cabin establishes a warm, intimate feeling with open living space focused around the prominent stone hearth. The elevation of the great room ceilings open the room and create spaciousness to a modest floor plan.

Thoughtful placement of windows allows for natural light to fill the room from many angles, altering the experience throughout the day and throughout changing seasons of this high-mountain home. Well appointed rich tonal fabrics, rugs and finishes fill the space with a sense of Western flair while maintaining the warmth of a family home.

Outdoor spaces surrounding the cabin take advantage of varying outdoor (opportunities) throughout the day. The front porch accesses the morning and evening light. A screened porch, extending the living space from the great room, views fully the lake and nearby forest. The patio situated at the back of the house runs adjacent to the breezeway connecting the house to the garage. Enclosed by a natural-feeling boulder wall and surrounded by trees, the patio welcomes the entire living space to adjoin the outdoor experience.

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