No Mountain Home Is Complete Without the Right Fireplace

Picture the perfect day at your mountain home. You spend a full day skiing outdoors, you jump in the hot tub to recharge your muscles, and then you grab a blanket and snuggle up in front of your fireplace with a cup of hot cider in hand. Notice anything in the picture? Could this day have been complete without the ideal fireplace.

We think the planning of a true mountain home isn’t thorough without these stone fireplace designs in mind:

  • Linear fireplaces are a contemporary way to illuminate a room and are also great for tighter spaces.
  • For a more rustic appeal, stacked-stone fireplaces are the perfect choice. An oversized fireplace immediately becomes the focal point of any room.
  • A dark fireplace nicely contrasts with light decor and neutral features, such as a cream-colored furnishings.
  • Outdoor fireplaces are ideal for enjoying the scenery. Any type of stone naturally compliments its surroundings.

For more information on designing the perfect fireplace in your home, please contact usĀ at Charles Cunniffe Architects. We are dedicated to quality architecture and design.

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