A Look Back at Our Work on Jigsaw Ranch

We at Charles Cunniffe Architects believe in tirelessly working side by side with our clients to help them realize their dream home, no matter how long it takes.

One such example is Jigsaw Ranch nestled on the hillside of Aspen Mountain. We put in numerous years of collaborative effort to achieve the majestic vision of the then-owners, George and Mark Rosenthal.  They wanted an eclectic perched village, and we used that idea as inspiration. As a result, the ranch captured the natural beauty and essence of Castle Creek Valley. It’s surrounded by an outstanding Aspen tree grove, nourishing greenery, and beautiful views.

This is just one of our many projects in our years of experience. To know more about our other clients and services, please contact us right away. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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