Get to Know: Aspen Institute

Get to Know: Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute brings together the top minds to find new solutions for age-old issues.

The Aspen Institute is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing non-partisan solutions to modern day problems. It was founded in 1950 and uses the The Aspen Method, which gathers leaders together in small groups to participate in moderated dialogues. One of the Aspen Institute campuses is located right here, in our own Aspen, Colorado.

There are four ways the Aspen Institute works to resolve critical issues:

  • Seminars: Their seminars focus on what a model society looks like, helping participants create strategies for creating that type of society through their relevant work.
  • Young-leader Fellows: This is a unique, multi-year commitment that brings leaders together from around the globe, helping them use their skills in a way that improves their communities.
  • Policy programs: These serve as non-partisan analysis groups designed to problem solve using the model of consensus.
  • Public events: Public events and conferences help to bring the work of the Aspen Institute to the public’s attention, providing a place for the general public to share their ideas.

The Aspen Institute focuses their primary efforts in the areas of environment, education and healthcare. We, at Charles Cunniffe Architects are proud to support similar values and goals and enjoy participating in many of their local events.

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