CCA Composts With EverGreen Zero Waste

We are honored that local waste diversion company EverGreen ZeroWaste recently awarded CCA the “We Compost” badge for our recent composting efforts. But, it’s really EverGreen ZeroWaste, who collects compostables from businesses to minimize environmental impact, who deserve the kudos!

An integral part of our community here in Aspen, EverGreen ZeroWaste have been keeping discards out of landfills and offering educational support for waste-diversion programs for close to a decade.

Composting is one important part of the limited impact we try to have on our environment. It produces a variety of benefits like reduced greenhouse gas emissions, clean water and improved soil quality.

Thank you to EverGreen ZeroWaste. We are proud to partner with them! To learn more about them and what they do, click here.

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