Day in the Life of Erica Delak

Day in the Life of Senior Project Manager Erica Delak

Mother of two busy kids, adoring wife, and Senior Project Manager to some of CCA’s most notable projects including Elk Peak Ranch and Willoughby Way, Erica sits down with us to map out a typical day.


7:00 am

The first 20 minutes of each day are spent begging and pleading for my kids to get out of bed.  (“Hurry up!  I have a meeting!  If you’re late, I’m late!  Get out of bed!!  GET OUT OF BED!! NOW!!!”)  Once they are upright, I take their breakfast orders.  After checking the school lunch menu, my husband and I create an assembly line to put snacks and healthy lunches together for them.  Between making breakfasts and lunches, I franticly search the house for my daughter’s soccer leggings, that she MUST wear today.

The kids are dropped off at school with only a few minutes to spare, before the second bell rings. After the kids are dropped off, I get ready for work and spend the first few minutes of alone-time for the day, reading the local newspaper headlines on my phone.

8:30 am

The first thing I do after arriving at the office is make myself a double-shot espresso latte, of which I cannot function without.  I then read emails while sipping my latte, as a few of my clients are very early risers and/or live in different time zones. I meet with my team on our goals for the day & week, and be sure everyone is squared away and meeting times are confirmed.


I am usually drafting/working on production drawings, listening to music on my headphones – electronic, techno or dance – something fast and in line with by caffeine buzz.  It is around this time that I start to pump myself up and mentally prepare myself for my noon work-out at Pure Barre. Before heading out, I check in with Charles on the upcoming client meeting we have and nail down a design direction we’ve been working on.

After lunch

The first thing I do after lunch is check emails again & check-in with the team.  Feeling accomplished and energized after my morning push and lunchtime work-out, I am back on the computer working on drawing development, review and coordination. Often a design challenge comes up that requires a team effort, so I gather the team around the work table for a design charrette – more minds are better than one!

4:30 PM 

By this time my kids have checked-in with me and are at their respective sports practices. I check back with my team and do a final email check, to be sure the day is buttoned up, and tomorrow’s work is outlined. One last email check, and a quick response to a client billing question from Dave, and the work day is done.


I pick up the kids on the way home from work, and arrive home to dinner prep already underway by my husband.  I jump in to help him, and we recap our day over wine.  After dinner, homework, more begging and pleading for the kids to go to bed, I am out the door to hockey practice.

Erica is one of CCA’s top Senior Project Managers. Her role in the firm includes developing design drawings, coordinating and reviewing drawings with design team and consultants, managing the construction process and working closely with the clients to ensure a successful project.  For more info on Erica, visit our website to see her bio.



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