Introducing Our Youngest New Architect!

Last week, CCA’s Project Manager Karen Woods wrapped up her mentorship program with Elsa Cassidy, an incredibly smart & creative 6th grader from Aspen Middle School. Each week Elsa met with Karen and other CCA staff, to explore the various stages of architectural design, visit job sites and design her own home. “This time spent with Elsa was such a refreshing reminder of why I’m involved in architecture,” stated Karen. “Seeing her enthusiasm was like looking into a mirror of when I was her age and just realized that I wanted to explore an architecture career. There is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing someone learn from what you teach. Elsa was so receptive and eager to find out as much as she could. I’ll treasure our time together and look forward to seeing where her future takes her.” We wish Elsa all the best in her pursuits!



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