Joseph Urban Exhibit at the Flagler Museum

via the Flagler Museum

For all of the fellow architecture and design lovers out there- The Extraordinary Joseph Urban exhibit at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. If you are in the area, this impressive show is definitely worth a visit.

Urban was one of the great architects of the Gilded Age, as well as an illustrator, designer, and set designer. As the New New York Herald-Tribune noted, Urban “did more than any other man to revolutionize the American sense of design … He had a feeling for color and material so original that they did much to remake the American stage, revitalize American architecture and contribute a new impetus to American industrial design.”

via the Flagler Museum

The buildings credited to this visionary architect include the Esterhazy Castle in Hungary and the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York, as well as quite a few Palm Beach buildings, like Mar-A-Lago, the Paramount Theater, and the Bath and Tennis Club. Visitors to the exhibition will get a first hand look at some of the few remaining copies of Urban’s elevations and renderings for the Mar-A-Lago estate and the Oasis Club, as well as a tour through Urban’s body of work.

Take a look at a few of Urban’s most famous buildings below.

For more information about this exciting exhibit celebrating Urban’s unique and original vision, visit the Flagler Museum.

Urban's watercolor rendering of the dining room in Count Karl Esterhazy's country house (via the Flagler Museum)

Mar-A-Lago (via Wikipedia)

Hotel Bossert (via Wikipedia)

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