Keeping the Balance in Architecture

Architects and designers are fond of the notion that architectural design is often made up of simple building blocks like rectangles, triangles, and circles. This may be a bit of an oversimplification but the idea does reveal one of the essential truths of architecture – a design should include a variety of and balance between different shapes.

Aspen Park Exterior

Aspen Park Exterior

For instance, a house composed of only rectangular shapes takes on a totally new completion with the addition of a peaked roof or arched, curved edges. Similarly, a circular and domed sun room will be far more visually interesting with the addition of a rectilinear element.

The real beauty of this concept is that it can be incorporated into any style of house. While traditional Tudor-style houses will usually use the “eyebrow window” to achieve the effect, contemporary houses can choose from a variety of features including slanted-roofs, curved arches and even hemispherical rooms.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to balance in architectural design. For more information on this and other interesting architectural topics, please contact us at Charles Cunniffe Architects, today.

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