Ryan Walterscheid joins Roaring Fork Leadership Class of 2014!

Proud to announce that Ryan Walterscheid, a Project Architect with CCA has joined the Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) class of 2014. For over 26 years RFL has provided a curriculum geared towards critical thinking, collaboration, and engaging various perspectives.

Roaring Fork Leadership

Roaring Fork Leadership

With approximately 40 participants with varied backgrounds and professions, Ryan recently returned from an RFL retreat stating “This has been a very different experience as to what I had expected.  I have been through management training seminars before, but this has been much more relationship oriented.  Everything we have been introduced to has involved better ways to relate and communicate with others. I have taken a great deal from this in regards to a better way to find empathy with others, seeing where they are and what their needs might be, and then working towards that as the ultimate goal.” We look forward to sharing more about Ryan’s progression throughout the RFL program.

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