Tori MacPherson Passes the ARE Exam – the 10th Licensed Architect at CCA

A hearty congratulations to Tori MacPherson! Tori passed her final exam – the final step to becoming a licensed Architect. Her dedication has been beyond inspiring, as she’s devoted every spare moment, evening and weekend to study for the seven exams.

All the while Tori has been working tirelessly on a number of projects such as a new residence in Aspen, the Basalt Fire Station remodel, a complex residential remodel, and a few pro-bono projects for local non-profits. She does it all with a smile and a professional can-do attitude. For this we are extremely grateful and so proud. Congrats Tori!

Tori makes TEN licensed architects within Charles Cunniffe Architects. This amount of licensed architects within a mid-sized firm like CCA, is quite rare and shows the amount of experience and expertise within the firm.  To achieve licensure, professionals must pass seven exams after a period of practical training, and a Bachelor degree from an accredited university. Continuing education is required to maintained the license, and it’s something CCA offers within the firm.



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