A Thin Line

We have seen some pretty small spaces in our time, but nothing compares to the Keret House designed by the architecture firm Centrala. Located in Warsaw, Poland, the Keret House is a whopping four feet at its widest point and 28.3 inches at its thinnest. It is pretty unbelievable that anyone can physically move around in an area that small, but Centrala has designed this as a workspace for Israeli writer Etgar Keret and a studio for young intellectuals

Take a look at the world’s thinnest building below.

Courtesy of Curbed

According to ArchDaily, “Structurally the house is a simple tri-dimensional steel frame finished with plywood, insulated sandwich panels and styrofoam covered with concrete cloth painted white.”

Courtesy of Centrala

To make more room the inside stairs can be flattened by a remote control.

Courtesy of Centrala

What do you think? Could you live here?

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