CCA on the Path to Better Project Management

Top row left to right: David, Chad, Nick, Grant, Dave, Renae, Reed, Rich, Jacob, Morgan, Brian, Noah and Scott.
Bottom Row Left to Right: Charles, Toni, Rebecca, Ashley, Erica, Jim, Alex and Nicole

This fall we took our entire team away from our daily routines, and into the classroom to learn, have open discussions, get inspired, and forge our way into better project management. It was a big undertaking and something we all were excited to take part in. Something Charles has always believed in and encouraged, is advancement and growth. Whether it be new software, hardware and/or training, CCA stays abreast of changes in our industry and fosters continual growth.

The business of architecture is ever-changing and it was so worthwhile to gather as a team, open our minds to new and better ways of managing our projects, and discuss what will work within our firm’s specific culture. We’re always learning and appreciate the opportunity to better our work processes, and take that efficiency to our clients. Cheers to always growing and always learning!

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