Green Design Predictions for 2011

Innovation is one of the values we prize most highly at Charles Cunniffe Architects, so we were excited to see Michelle Kaufmann’s predictions for the future of green design in 2011. Innovation is defined as both “a new idea, method, or device”, and “the introduction of something new.”

According to Kaufmann’s predictions for the coming year, green design and building practices will indeed be “introducing something new” into the mainstream, making environmentally-conscious living more accessible to more people.

Here are a few of the things we have to look forward to in green design for 2011. Check out to read more.

  • Big builders go green, finally seeing the value of energy efficient and water-conserving design
  • Cradle to cradle goes mainstream, with the C2Cinstitute launching in California
  • Greenwashing sees a backlash. Companies who exaggerate claims of “greenness” are facing legal action, which may result in those companies changing their practices to reflect their green marketing.
  • Prefab and modular construction, especially in urban areas, will solve logistical hurdles and allow the use of small, substandard urban lots.

photo via Flickr (CC)

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